Friday, July 25, 2014

Who else wants to be part of Westchester NY's exclusive laser skin care boutique?

Live in Westchester New York and looking for an exclusive, state of the art laser medicl boutique that has budget-friendly prices? Well look no further! Introducing Simply Skin’s Flawless Skin Spa Membership plan!

First I would like to thank everyone who has signed up to our introductory, one of a kind Flawless Skin Spa Membership of Westchester, New York. I welcome you all to our growing family!

There are many reasons why to sign up for our membership, but I guess the best reason to sign up today is that you will experience MORE. More options, more savings, more FUN.

Our Flawless Skin Membership offers superior wellness benefits that facilitates exceptional and consistent care of your precious skin and body, at spa prices you won’t believe!

Our spa director and leading esthetician Sabrina Kharouba is so appreciative of all her patients, that she wanted to give back in a special way. She came up with introductory membership plans that because they are so good, we had to limit them to the first 100 applicants. 

So as you read this, ask yourself: now that we’re half way through the summer, have you found your summer glow yet? Need a trip to the spa? What better way to sign up for spa treatments than with a spa membership program by your side?

The countless hours (or non-hours if you live in New York) spent in the sun, fog and or by the beach may be eating away at your resplendent glow. Yes, hyperpigmentation, acne, photodamaged/photoaged skin are all aftereffects of too much sun, dirt or imbalances in your lifestyle.

So join our spa membership program and enjoy the skin, bind and mind benefits of receiving a relaxing spa service in Westchester New York of your choice every month at a substantial savings. Spa treatments are not just a luxury—they are an important part of creating balance and wellness. Our new members are enjoying extra perks like new service and product previews, samples, guest passes and more. Don’t be left in the dust, be part of our growing family— your skin will thank you everyday.

Enjoy a few frequently asked questions below, and for more please visit our Facebook Page.

Why Choose Us?

Are member services available any day and time?
Your Monthly Membership Service can be used anytime during business hours Monday–Saturday, depending on availability.

Can I prebook my appointment?
YES! We recommend you prebook your next Member Service while you are checking out, so you are sure to have the date and time that works best for your schedule.

What if I need to reschedule my membership service?
Give us at least three hours’ notice by calling to reschedule your service. If you “no show” you will be charged in full for that membership service.

How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel after your initial 6-month agreement term, email with your name and contact information.

How am I billed?
All of our members are autocharged and our secure billing system will charge you after your service is performed.

What if I have questions about my membership or billing?
Email, call 914.374.6914 or stop into our clinic located at 880 Mile Square Rd, Yonkers NY 10704.

Can I combine other offers with my membership?
Memberships cannot be combined with any other offer.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hydrating Oxygen Facial Special in Westchester NY

Wondering how our Hydrating Oxygen Facials work? We use medical grade oxygen as a delivery mechanism- the oxygen is compressed and sprayed at high pressure directly on to the skin surface. The oxygen is in the form of a high pressure jet, which forces its way past the skins barrier defence systems and in to the lower levels of the epidermis, achieving highly effective results!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Remove Your Wrinkles

Do you live in Westchester County, New York and are looking to remove your fine lines and wrinkles? Well, you have come to the right place!
As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity. We develop fine lines, wrinkles, and creases in our skin. Here is a list of factors that form fine lines and wrinkles on the face:
  • The genetic process aging itself (chronological aging)
  • Injury from the sun (photo aging)
  • Muscle activity (dynamic wrinkles – treated with Botox and Fillers)
  • The effects of gravity (skin laxity and sagging)
  • Smoking or other environmental factors
Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated in a number of different ways. With the right combination of treatments and lifestyle changes, you can achieve a younger appearance and improve complexion entirely. Treatment of aging skin includes:
1.) measures to prevent against further UV damage
2.) use Simply Skin medical grade skin care products at home on a regular basis
3.) Simply Skin esthetic procedures such as lasers or peels to reverse existing damage